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Things to Do with Your Dog in Montreal, QC This Summer: Top Picks

16 Mar 2024 0 Comments
a photo of a dog on Kondiaronk Belvedere, Mount-Royal, montreal, QC. Photograph by


Did you know that Montreal, QC is home to over 50 dog parks and numerous pet-friendly cafes? That's right, this vibrant city is a playground for pups and their owners looking for fun under the sun. If you're on the hunt for the ultimate thing to do with your dog in Montreal this summer, you've hit the jackpot. From scenic strolls along the Lachine Canal to chowing down on puppuccinos at local coffee spots, we've got your summer bucket list covered. Dive into our guide packed with activities that will make your furry friend's tail wag harder than ever before. Let's unleash some unforgettable memories in one of Canada’s most welcoming cities for four-legged adventurers.

Key Takeaways

  • Embrace the diversity of dog-friendly outdoor activities in Montreal this summer, from leisurely walks in lush parks to engaging in special events tailored for pets.

  • Make the most of the warm weather by exploring various parks and gardens that welcome pets, offering both you and your dog a refreshing escape into nature.

  • Experience the vibrant atmosphere of outdoor markets with your dog, where you can enjoy local produce and crafts, ensuring your pet is well-behaved amidst crowds.

  • Take advantage of the increasing number of dog-friendly restaurants in Montreal, allowing you and your furry friend to dine together in some of the city's best spots.

  • Don't miss out on the charm of Old Montreal with your dog, where historic streets and waterfront walks provide a picturesque backdrop for your adventures.

  • Keep your pet's safety and comfort in mind during the summer heat by choosing activities that avoid the hottest parts of the day and ensuring they stay hydrated and cool.

Discovering Dog-Friendly Outdoor Activities

Leash-Free Zones

Montreal is a city that loves its furry friends. This summer, take advantage of leash-free zones for some unrestricted playtime with your dog. These designated areas allow dogs to roam, explore, and socialize without the confines of a leash. 

One of the most popular spots is in Westmount called Summit Woods. Summit Woods in Westmount takes the top spot on our list for off-leash areas, but it's essential for pet owners to consider this option only if their dog responds well to commands, due to the lack of fencing. This expansive trail offers dogs the freedom to explore, pursue squirrels, interact with fellow canines, and expend their boundless energy. As an added bonus, owners can enjoy a peaceful stroll on the picturesque trail nestled within a wooded area. It's important to note, however, that there are specific times during the year when leashing is mandatory.

Here's some of our other favorite spots: 

  • Parc Percy-Walters
  • Lafontaine park
  • Beaconsfield Dog Run
  • Angrignon Dog Park

Remember to always check the latest requirements and rules before unleashing your pup at in any area.

Scenic Walks

Our favorite area to walk is the Lachine Canal and it's such an ideal setting for dog walking too. Its scenic paths stretch over a considerable distance, offering both you and your outdoor dog plenty of space to explore together.

Here's our go to spots when we're looking for a relaxing and scenic stroll with our pup: 

  • Angell Woods
  • Mount Royal Park
  • Parc La Fontaine
  • Laurier Park
  • Centennial Park
  • Outremont dog park
  • Angrignon Dog Park

Walking along these paths not only provides exercise but also exposes you to beautiful views of Montreal's waterfronts and parks. These paths have at least some mostly flat and well-maintained, making it easy for people of all fitness levels to enjoy a leisurely stroll or an energetic jog with their canine companion.

Exploring Parks and Gardens with Your Pet

Mont Royal Park

Mont Royal Park is a must-visit for dog owners in Montreal, QC, this summer. Its vast green spaces are perfect for long walks or a playful day out. The park offers specific off-leash areas where your pooch can roam freely. This is great for their exercise and socialization.

Remember to bring a leash, as certain parts of the park require dogs to be on one. Always have bags ready to clean up after your pet. Enjoying the outdoors with your furry friend strengthens your bond.

Botanical Garden Visits

The Botanical Garden in Montreal opens its gates to pets on special days during the summer. Check their schedule before planning your visit. These days allow you and your pet to stroll through beautiful flower displays together.

It's important to keep your dog on a leash throughout the visit and ensure they respect the plants and other visitors. Bringing water and snacks will make the day more enjoyable for both of you.

Community Gardens

Montreal has several smaller community gardens that welcome dogs. These spots offer a quieter atmosphere compared to larger parks like Mont Royal.

Before visiting, go online or call ahead to confirm that dogs are allowed. Some gardens may have specific rules or designated times when pets can join their owners.

Exploring parks and gardens with your pet in Montreal this summer offers numerous benefits:

  • Exercise for both you and your dog.

  • Opportunities for socialization with other dogs.

  • A chance to enjoy nature together.

However, there are also things to consider:

  • Always follow local regulations regarding leashes.

  • Be prepared by bringing water, snacks, bags, etc.

This summer, don't miss out on these fantastic opportunities for fun outdoor activities with your furry companion in Montreal's parks and gardens.

Enjoying Outdoor Markets Together

Atwater Market Adventures

Navigating through Atwater Market with your dog can be a real treat. This bustling market is known for its artisanal goods and pet-friendly atmosphere. You and your furry friend can explore the various stalls together, finding unique treats that you both will love.

The market is not just about food; it's an experience. You'll find hand-crafted gifts, fresh flowers, and even special coffee blends to enjoy. It's a vibrant part of town where life seems more colorful. The vendors often have water bowls and snacks available for pets, making it a comfortable visit for everyone involved.

Jean-Talon Market Explorations

Similarly, Jean-Talon Market offers an inviting space for pets and their owners. Here, many vendors understand the joy pets bring into our lives. They welcome them with open arms into their spaces.

During summer weekends, this area becomes even more lively with special pet-themed events. These events may include fun competitions or showcases of pet products made from quality materials like green fabric. It’s a great opportunity to meet other pet lovers in town and exchange tips on taking care of your furry friends.

Summer Weekend Events

Attending these markets during summer weekends adds another layer of excitement to the experience. Special events designed for pets make these outings unforgettable.

You might find live music performances or art shows that add a touch of culture to your shopping spree. These gatherings are perfect spots to socialize your dog while enjoying what the season has to offer.

Moreover, some weekends may feature educational booths on pet care or adoption services looking for forever homes for animals in need of love and companionship.

Exploring outdoor markets like Atwater Market or Jean-Talon with your dog brings numerous benefits:

  • Quality time spent together

  • Discovery of new treats and toys

  • Socializing opportunities

  • Support local artisans

Remembering these days out helps strengthen the bond between you and your four-legged friend while supporting local businesses.

Dining at Dog-Friendly Restaurants

Dog Menus

Montreal is a city that loves its pets, especially dogs. Many restaurants have noticed this and now offer dog menus. These menus are not just a small add-on but feature items carefully crafted for your pup's enjoyment.

Restaurants like "Paws Café" go beyond the usual to provide special treats. They offer everything from chicken feet to gourmet cookies designed specifically for dogs. It's not uncommon to see pups enjoying their meals right beside their owners on terraces and patios across the city.

Patios & Terraces

Speaking of outdoor dining, Montreal shines with its dog-friendly terraces and patios. Places like "Le Woof Café" not only welcome dogs but encourage you to dine alongside your furry friend under the warm summer sun.

These spots often come equipped with water bowls and sometimes even a special pup cup! Enjoying a meal outside has never been more enjoyable for both you and your dog.

Dining Etiquette

Dining out with your pet requires some preparation and understanding of etiquette in public spaces. Here are key tips:

  • Always keep your dog on a leash.

  • Ensure they're well-behaved around food and other people.

  • Bring along their own water dish if the restaurant doesn't provide one.

Following these simple guidelines ensures everyone, including your dog, has a pleasant experience.

Visiting Old Montreal with Your Dog

Cobblestone Strolls

Taking a walk through Old Montreal is like stepping back in time. The cobblestone streets and historic architecture create a unique atmosphere. It’s perfect for you and your leashed dog to explore together.

The area is not just about the views, though. You'll find many spots where both of you can take a break and enjoy the surroundings. Remember, keeping your pet on a leash ensures everyone's safety and enjoyment.

Pet-Friendly Stops

Old Montreal is known for its welcoming nature, especially towards four-legged visitors. Many cafes and shops housed in beautiful historic buildings will be happy to welcome you and your furry friend.

Look out for pet-friendly signs or ask around. Locals love their pets too, so they're usually more than willing to share tips on the best places to visit with your dog.

Guided Tours

Imagine exploring Old Montreal's heritage sites with your dog by your side. Some guided walking tours are designed specifically for pet owners. They allow dogs as long as they are well-behaved and on a leash.

These tours offer an excellent opportunity to learn about the area's history while spending quality time with your pet. Plus, it's a great way for both of you to meet other dog lovers!

Participating in Festive Events for Pets

Summer Calendar

Montreal is bustling with pet-friendly events during the summer. The city offers a variety of festivals and parades specifically designed for you and your furry companions. One can find everything from themed costume parades to outdoor pet expos. These gatherings are perfect for socializing your dog and experiencing the vibrant community spirit.

To make the most out of these events, it's essential to keep an eye on local event calendars. Many organizations post upcoming festivities online well in advance. This way, you won't miss out on any fun opportunities for you and your dog to enjoy together.

Event Preparation

Preparing your dog for crowded events is crucial. It ensures both safety and enjoyment for everyone involved. Start by making sure your dog is comfortable with loud noises and large groups of people. If possible, gradually introduce them to similar environments before attending a big event.

Here are some tips to consider:

  • Always keep your dog on a leash.

  • Bring water and snacks for both you and your pet.

  • Ensure their ID tags are up-to-date in case they wander off.

By taking these simple steps, you can help prevent any stress or discomfort during the event.

Charity Participation

Charity runs or walks are fantastic ways to engage with the community alongside your pet. These activities not only promote health but also support good causes. Montreal hosts several charity events over the summer where pets are more than welcome to join in.

Participating in such events can be incredibly rewarding:

  • You get quality time outdoors with your dog.

  • You contribute towards charitable causes.

Remember, it’s all about having fun while making a difference!

After exploring Old Montreal with your four-legged friend, participating in festive events could be an exciting next step this holiday season! Whether it’s dressing up for a parade or supporting charity runs; there's no shortage of things to do with your dog in Montreal, QC this summer.

Engaging in Training and Bonding Activities

Outdoor Classes

Joining outdoor group training classes is a great way to spend time with your dog. These classes focus on obedience or agility. They provide both exercise and mental stimulation for your pet.

You'll need to bring some essentials like harnesses, toys, and treats. The instructor will give you cues and homework. This helps reinforce what you learn in class at home.

Water Sports

Participate in dock diving or frisbee competitions. These events are common in Montreal's local parks during the summer months.

Your dog can enjoy jumping into water or catching frisbees. It's not only fun but also an excellent form of exercise. Remember to practice recall commands to keep them safe while they play.

Scent Workshops

Explore scent work or tracking workshops offered during summer months. These activities tap into your dog’s natural instincts.

They involve teaching your dog how to identify specific smells, which can be both entertaining and rewarding for them.

You'll use different treats as rewards when they successfully complete a task. This type of activity strengthens the bond between you and your pet by working together towards a common goal.

Taking Day Trips from Montreal

Dog-Friendly Hikes

Montreal offers a variety of scenic landscapes just a short drive away. Perfect for you and your furry friend to explore together. One popular choice is the Mont Saint-Hilaire Nature Reserve. It's known for its gentle slopes and stunning views.

The trails are well-marked, making it easy to navigate with your dog. Always keep your pet on a leash to protect the local wildlife. Don't forget water for both of you, especially during summer hikes.

Another great option is Oka National Park. This park features several trails that vary in difficulty, catering to all levels of hikers and their dogs. The panoramic views at the top are worth every step.

Vineyards and Orchards

Some vineyards near Montreal welcome pets in their outdoor areas. Imagine sipping wine while your dog lounges by your side under the sun.

Before visiting, call ahead to confirm pet policies as they can change. Bring a leash, water bowl, and snacks for your dog too.

Orchards offer another fantastic outing idea during summer months. Many allow dogs on leashes among the apple trees. It's fun watching them sniff around while you pick fresh fruits.

Remember not all places may have shade or water sources available for pets so come prepared.

Beach Days

A day at the beach is one of the best things to do with your dog in Montreal this summer. Some lakes near Montreal have designated areas where dogs can play off-leash in the water. Here’s how to make it successful:

  • Research which beaches are dog-friendly before going.

  • Pack sunscreen for both you and your pup (yes, dogs can get sunburnt too).

  • Bring plenty of fresh drinking water and a collapsible bowl.

  • Don’t forget toys that float!

Two notable spots include Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park Beach and Oka National Park Beach.

Keeping Pets Safe and Cool during Summer

Hydration and Shade

On hot days, keeping your dog cool is crucial. Always have plenty of water available. Hydration prevents overheating and ensures your pet stays comfortable during outdoor activities. Carry a portable water bowl on walks or trips.

Shade is equally important. It offers a break from the sun's intensity. When planning an outing, look for parks with ample trees or set up a canopy if you're in an open area.

Heatstroke Signs

Heatstroke can be dangerous for dogs. Recognizing early signs saves lives. Watch for excessive panting, drooling, lethargy, or confusion. These symptoms mean your dog needs to cool down immediately.

If you spot these signs, move your pet to a cooler place right away. Offer them ice or water to lick to help lower their body temperature gently but quickly.

Paw Protection

Hot pavements pose risks to dogs' paws on summer days in Montreal, QC,. Doggie boots protect against burns from heated surfaces like sidewalks or roads.

Not all pets like wearing shoes initially. Introduce them slowly by letting your dog wear the boots for short periods at home before heading out.

By following these tips this summer in Montreal:

  • Always ensure access to water.

  • Seek shade during peak heat hours.

  • Monitor your pet closely for any distress sign.

  • Consider protective gear like doggie boots on very hot days.


Montreal is a playground for you and your furry friend this summer, offering everything from dog-friendly outdoor activities to cozy dining spots where pups are more than welcome. You've got a whole list of adventures waiting—exploring lush parks, browsing outdoor markets together, and even participating in festive events made just for pets. It's all about making memories that'll have tails wagging long after the summer sun sets.

So, grab that leash and dive into the vibrant streets of Montreal with your four-legged companion by your side. Whether it's a leisurely stroll through Old Montreal or a day trip to explore the outskirts, every moment is an opportunity to strengthen your bond. Remember, keeping your pet safe and cool is paramount during these warm months, so always be prepared. Now, what are you waiting for? Let's make this summer unforgettable for both you and your pup. Dive in, explore, and above all, enjoy every single moment together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some dog-friendly outdoor activities in Montreal?

You can dive into nature with your furry friend by exploring the city's numerous parks and hiking trails. From Mount Royal to Parc Lafontaine, there's no shortage of green spaces for a game of fetch or a leisurely walk.

Can I bring my dog to markets in Montreal?

Absolutely! Many outdoor markets welcome dogs, allowing you both to explore local crafts and foods together. Just keep your pup on a leash and be mindful of crowds.

Are there any restaurants in Montreal where dogs are allowed?

Yes, indeed! Several eateries offer pet-friendly patios where you can dine alongside your four-legged companion. Enjoying a meal out with your dog has never been easier.

Is Old Montreal dog friendly?

Old Montreal is a great spot for walking your dog amidst historic streets. While not all shops and attractions allow pets inside, the scenic walks more than make up for it.

What kind of festive events can I enjoy with my pet in Montreal?

Montreal hosts various pet-centric events throughout the summer including parades, meet-ups, and even costume contests designed specifically for pets. It’s an excellent way to socialize and have fun outdoors!

How can I keep my pet safe during the hot summer months in Montreal?

Ensuring your dog stays hydrated, avoiding midday heat for walks, providing ample shade during outings, and never leaving them in a parked car are key steps to keeping them cool and safe during summer.

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