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Celebrate Canada Day with Our Top 5 Canadian-Made Dog Collars

01 Jul 2023 0 Comments

As Canadians, we're proud of our heritage, our landscapes, and yes, even our adorable furry friends. This Canada Day, we're spotlighting our collars with prideful Canadian designs. Why not let your pup show off some of that pride with our unique Canadian-made dog collars?

At, we're dedicated to giving your pets the quality and style they deserve, while also supporting our local economy. Our handcrafted dog collars are not just fun and quirky, but also a testament to the quality that comes from Canadian craftsmanship.


Why Buy Our Canadian-Made Dog Collars?

  • Superior Quality: Canadian-made products often come with superior craftsmanship and quality. Our collars are handmade, ensuring each product receives the attention to detail it deserves.

  • Unique Designs: Our made to order model allows us to carry over 250+ unique designs, from the familiar patterns of the Nova Scotia tartan to the playful polar bears splash, you won't find these designs anywhere else.

Our Top 5 Canadian Dog Collars for Canada Day

1. "I Love Canada" Dog Collar

I love Canada Dog Collar -

If you're a Canadian dog owner, we've got the perfect collar for your furry friend! Introducing our "I Love Canada" collar, specially designed to showcase your pup's Canadian pride in the most stylish way. With its sleek black backdrop, this collar is adorned with a tasteful and eye-catching design that will surely turn heads during your walks in the park.

The centerpiece of this collar is the iconic phrase "I ❤️ Canada," where the heart symbol is replaced by a vibrant maple leaf. This clever twist not only represents your love for your country but also pays homage to Canada's national symbol. The maple leaf has long been associated with Canada's rich history, natural beauty, and friendly spirit.

Whether you're exploring the great Canadian outdoors or simply strolling through your neighborhood, this collar will keep your pup looking fashionable while keeping them close by your side.

2. Polar Bears Splash Dog Collar

Polar Bear Splash Dog Collar -

If your furry friend loves to have fun in the water, then our Polar Bears Splash collar is just what you need! This amazing collar is specially designed to showcase all the splashes and excitement that your dog brings. Made with a high-quality cotton fabric, it not only looks stylish but also provides utmost comfort for your canine companion. The vibrant blue water background serves as a perfect backdrop for the adorable white polar bears that are printed on the collar.

These cute little polar bears add a touch of charm and playfulness to your dog's overall look. Whether you're taking your pooch for a swim at the beach or simply going for a walk by the lake, this collar will definitely make heads turn and bring smiles to everyone's faces. So why wait? Get your hands on our Polar Bears Splash collar today and let your dog make a splash in style!

3. Moose Mountain Dog Collar

Moose Mountain Dog Collar -

If you're someone who loves spending time in nature and exploring the great outdoors, then the Moose Mountain collar is perfect for your adventurous dog! This collar is not just any ordinary collar - it's a special tribute to Canada's incredible wildlife and breathtaking landscapes.

The quilt-style pattern on the collar is truly unique. It features a combination of moose, gingham, and mountains against a soothing oat tone. Each element represents something significant about Canada. The moose symbolizes our rich wildlife, reminding us of the majestic creatures that roam freely in our forests. The gingham pattern adds a touch of charm and nostalgia, reminiscent of picnics on sunny summer days. And lastly, the mountains represent the awe-inspiring landscapes that stretch across our vast country.

Why settle for an ordinary collar when you can have one that tells a story? The Moose Mountain collar is not just an accessory for your dog - it's a symbol of your love for Canada's natural beauty. Let your dog proudly wear this collar and join you on all your outdoor adventures, creating

4. The Canadian Lumber Jack Dog Collar

The Canadian Lumber Jack Dog Collar -

The Canadian Lumberjack is one of our most popular items! This super cool collar is designed with a lumberjack style plaid pattern that stands out against a vibrant green background. It's like having a piece of Canada's breathtaking forests right on your furry friend's neck!

Not only does the Canadian Lumber Jack collar make your dog look adorable, but it also serves as a way to express their personality. Show off your pup's love for the outdoors and their Canadian spirit with this trendy collar. Whether you're taking them on a hike through the majestic mountains or strolling along a scenic trail, this collar will make heads turn and tails wag!

5. Nova Scotia Tartan Dog Collar

Nova Scotia Tartan Dog Collar -

Last but not least, we have our amazing Nova Scotia Tartan collar! This special dog collar is designed with a unique tartan pattern that pays homage to the rich maritime heritage of the east coast, where all our collars are hand stiched. It's like a little piece of Canadian, and BigPawShop right on your furry friend's neck!

When people see your dog proudly sporting their Nova Scotia Tartan collar, they'll be curious about its origin and story. You can proudly share that it's made right here in Canada, supporting local businesses and artisans.

Why settle for an ordinary collar when you can give your furry friend something special? Let them showcase their maritime heritage with our Nova Scotia Tartan collar – a combination of style, durability, and comfort. Your pup will thank you for it!

Time to Shop for Canadian Dog Collars


When you choose, you're giving your furry friend a stylish accessory and bolstering Canadian craftsmanship. Every collar we sell is a testament to our skilled artisans and contributes to our local economy and dog shelters.

With our uniquely Canadian-made dog collars, your pup can experience the joy of Canada Day every day. Each collar, be it our "I Love Canada" design, the Nova Scotia Tartan, or any of our 250+ designs, is hand-stitched in Canada. These aren't just products—they're statements of national pride, lovingly crafted in our homeland. Your dog can wear their collar proudly, knowing it's more than just an accessory—it's a symbol of Canadian heritage and craftsmanship.

So, why wait? Let your dog flaunt their Canadian pride with our exceptional collars. This Canada Day, make a statement of love for your dog and your country. Visit today and let your pet shine with Canadian spirit!

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