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Celebrating German Shepherd Day: Meet Our Favorite Instagram Stars

09 May 2023 0 Comments


Happy German Shepherd Day to all the loyal, intelligent, and hardworking German Shepherds and their proud owners! To celebrate this special day, we have put together a fun and heartwarming blog post featuring the most adorable and talented German Shepherds from Instagram. From their unique quirks to their endearing personalities, these furry friends have captured our hearts, and we're sure they'll capture yours too!

The GSDs From Instagram:


Name: [Dog's Name]
Instagram: @[Instagram Account]
Age: [Age]
Fun Fact: [Fun Fact]
[1-2 sentences describing the dog and their personality, based on the provided fun fact.]



Instagram: @zoey_thegsd_
Age: 3 years old

Zoey the GSD - @zoey_thegsd_

Meet Zoey, the three-year-old German Shepherd who's not only a smart cookie but also a ball-chasing enthusiast! With an impressive repertoire of over 30 commands and words, Zoey is a true canine prodigy. Her intelligence is matched only by her love for her all-time favorite toy – balls! 

One thing you can't miss when you see Zoey is her infectious smile, which has the power to melt hearts and brighten even the gloomiest of days. With her brains, playful spirit, and heartwarming grin, Zoey never fails to bring joy to those around her. Follow her adventures on Instagram and get ready to be charmed by this delightful, smiling furball! 🐾🎾💕



Instagram: @mayple_the_gsd
Age: 3 years old
Maybe the GSD


Introducing Mayple, the three-year-old German Shepherd who's a true water-loving, ball-playing sensation! Mayple's favorite pastimes include chasing after balls and having a blast with the water hose – making her the life of the party on a sunny day. Her playful spirit and joyous energy are simply irresistible.

But that's not all! Mayple's charm and charisma recently won her a coveted spot in Pet Valu Canada's calendar contest, where she was one of the 13 lucky winners. This fur-tastic achievement only proves what we already knew – Mayple is a star in the making! Follow her on Instagram to keep up with her fun-filled adventures and celebrate her well-deserved success. 🐾💦📅💖


Instagram: @dayseps
Age: 3 years old
Odin the Czech line GSD


Say hello to Odin, a loving Czech line German Shepherd who's gentle with his family but fiercely protective when it counts! Hailing from a breed line of police dogs, Odin is the first of his bloodline to join a regular family. Trained by professional trainers, he's a skilled family protection dog and a dedicated service dog, accompanying his owner almost everywhere.

Odin's exceptional training allows him to step in during practice scenarios, ensuring the safety of his loved ones. His unwavering loyalty and courageous nature make him a true hero. Yet, despite his serious demeanor on the job, Odin is the sweetest and most affectionate companion to his family's two young kids.

Follow Odin's heartwarming journey on Instagram, where you'll witness the perfect blend of a loving family dog and a devoted guardian. 🐾💖🛡️


Koby, Oya, Navy 

Instagram: @adventures.of.three.shepherds
Age: 2, 11m, 2 years old


  • Kobe - 2 Years Old

Kobe the GSD

Quand il était petit, Kobe se couchait dans son bol d’eau pour se rafraîchir l’été alors qu’il vivait à trois secondes d’un lac. Aussi, au printemps, il trouve toujours la dernière petite butte de neige même si elle est plus petite que lui, pour se coucher dessus.

(translated) When he was little, Kobe used to lie down in his water bowl to cool off in the summer even though he lived just three seconds away from a lake. Also, in the spring, he always finds the last little mound of snow, even if it's smaller than him, to lie down on it.

  • Oya - 11 Months Old

Oya the GSD
Tout récemment, Oya courait avec son frère et sa sœur dans un chemin de terre. Elle a trébuché dans ses propres pattes et est tombée sur le côté en hurlant. Après l’avoir calmé, j’ai vérifié sa patte qu’elle ne voulait plus du tout bouger. Quand elle a vue que son frère et sa sœur étaient partis plus loin, elle s’est levée tout bonnement et s’est remise à courir avec eux. Elle n’a plus chigné pour sa patte après et a recommencé à vivre comme si de rien était. Quelle drama queen!

(translated) Just recently, Oya was running with her brother and sister on a dirt road. She tripped over her own paws and fell on her side, screaming. After calming her down, I checked her paw, which she didn't want to move at all. When she saw that her brother and sister had gone further away, she simply got up and started running with them again. She didn't whine about her paw anymore and went on living as if nothing had happened. What a drama queen!

  • Navy - 2 Years Old

Navy the GSD

Depuis qu’elle est toute petite, Navy adore les regarder tout ce passe dans le ciel. Que ce soit un avion très très haut dans les airs, un hélicoptère ou un oiseau, elle les regardes jusqu’à temps qu’il soient hors de sa vue! On a qu’à lui dire: «Navy, il est où l’avion?» et automatiquement, elle va regarder dans les airs pour voir ce qu’il y a!

(translated) Since she was very young, Navy has loved watching everything that happens in the sky. Whether it's a plane very high up in the air, a helicopter, or a bird, she watches them until they're out of sight! All we have to do is say, "Navy, where's the plane?" and she automatically looks up into the sky to see what's there!



Instagram: @BigPawShop
Age: 11 years old
Lucky - BPS


This pup might look familiar, and that's because it's a little bit of a shameless plug ;) 

Lucky is an 11-year-old German Shepherd mix who has been part of our family for a decade. Adopted from the SPCA in Valleyfield, QC, his difficult past filled with abuse initially made him terrified of humans. However, through patience and love, Lucky has transformed into the sweetest old man and now serves as a big brother to our newborn son.

Not only a loving family member, Lucky also found his calling as BigPawShop's star collar model. With a penchant for striking poses, he showcases our products with style, winning over customers' hearts. On this German Shepherd Day, we celebrate Lucky and the incredible bond between humans and their canine companions.



There you have it, some of our favorite German Shepherds from Instagram to celebrate German Shepherd Day! We hope you enjoyed getting to know these amazing dogs and their unique stories. Be sure to follow their Instagram accounts to keep up with their adventures.

Don't forget to share your own German Shepherd photos and stories with us using the hashtag #GermanShepherdDay! We can't wait to see all the love and appreciation for these incredible dogs. Happy German Shepherd Day!

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